Other Electric power fittings

  • Right Angle Hanging Board

    Right Angle Hanging Board

    Provide a variety of standard models of products, price concessions, quality assurance, accept small orders, look forward to your visit. The right-angle hanging plate is an important part of the connection hardware. Its manufacturing material is hot-dip galvanized steel, which is a plate-shaped…



    Specifications: A shackle, is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. Shackles are the primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging, as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected or disconnected quickly. We have many types shackle, and we also do customize for our clients to match their requirements.



    Socket tongue also is called socket eye, it is a major hardware in powerline and transmission line system. It can be casting or forging. We have many types of socket tongue, we also do customize for our clients to match their requirements.

    General Material

    -Body Steel Material

    - Clip Stainless, Bronze Strength Rating 70KN, 120KN, 180KN

    Finishing Hot Dip Galvanize

    We always pay great attention to the quality of our products.

    All insulators are subject to 100% stringent IEC or ANSI st…

  • Overhead Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Ball Eye

    Overhead Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Ball Eye

    Ball Eye is a common hardware in powerline and transmission line system, and it is also called Eye Ball. It normally used with disc insulators. We have many types Ball Eye, we also do customize for our clients. General Material-Body Steel Strength Rating 70KN, 120KN, 180KN Finishing Hot Dip Galvanize Strain clamp specification: there are two basic strain clamp systems, 1. Detachable clamps, such as wedge type tension clamps, thimble, bolt type tension clamps, can be adjusted later. …

  • High voltage cable cleat

    High voltage cable cleat

    The product is made of high-strength anti-corrosive aluminum alloy to secure the placement of cables.It’s fixture structure is anchored by bolts.The retaining clip is compact,reasonable in conformation,easy and flexible for installation and does not do harm to the cable.

  • Ground rod

    Ground rod

    A ground rod is the most common type of electrode used for the grounding system. It provides a direct connection to the ground.  In doing so, they dissipate the electric current to the ground.  The ground rod significantly improves the overall performance of the grounding system.

    Ground rods are applicable in all types of electrical installations, as long as there is you are planning to have an effective grounding system, both at home and commercial installations.

    Ground rods are defined by specific levels of electric resistance. The resistance of the ground rod should always be higher than that of the grounding system.

    Even though it exists as a unit, a typical ground rod comprises of different components which are steel core, and copper coating. The two are bonded through an electrolytic process to form permanent bonds. The combination is perfect for the maximum current dissipation.

    Ground rods come in different nominal lengths and diameters. ½” is the most preferred diameter for the ground rods while the most preferred length for the rods is 10 feet.


  • Ground Rod Clamp

    Ground Rod Clamp

    Ground Rod Clamp


    A ground rod clamp is an underground electrical fitting that is used for connecting the bearing section of the ground rod to the ground cable. The rod ensures that the ground cable is properly grounded and the clamp comes in handy in completing this connection.


    The ground rod is made of forged heavy-duty steel to withstand vagaries of nature since it is exposed outside to the ground condition.


    Ground rod clamps come in different diameters. Your choice will depend on the diameter of the grounding conductor and the ground rod.


    The apt design of the ground rod clamp ensures that it establishes a stable and strong connection with both the ground rod and the ground cable. It achieves this goal without interfering with the functionality of the grounding cable.


  • Turnuckles With Eye Bolt And Hook Bolt

    Turnuckles With Eye Bolt And Hook Bolt

    Product Name: Turnuckles With Eye Bolt And Hook Bolt

    Material: Carbon Steel

    Surface Treatmnet:  Galvnized, Stainless Steel And Other Kind Of Surface Treatment.

    Specification: Customized

  • U Bolt

    U Bolt

    U bolt is also u bolt clamp,  or u clamp, just as the name suggests, this bolt for power and telecommunication line assumes a U-shape. Like other bolts for the electrical overhead line, U-shape is used for connecting dead end and even power line to the pole. It can be used on both the wooden and concrete poles.

    Although they are known as U bolt, they are not all the same. Instead, there are some slight variations in the way that they are designed.

  • Galvanized bow Shackles Galvanized ball clevis

    Galvanized bow Shackles Galvanized ball clevis

    Galvanized bow Shackles

    As the name suggests, it is powerline hardware that is designed to connect the socket insulator by its ball. If you are dealing with a powerline installation, it is necessary that you buy this ball clevis.

    Ball clevis comes in different shapes and designs. The design that you choose will depend on your application. One of the designs that you may consider buying is Y clevis. Its name is because it has a “Y” design and on one side of it, there is a ball.

    Cast iron is the main material that is used for making the ball clevis. This material is quite strong hence does not break easily when subjected to various forces. Before we supply the ball clevis to the market. We test its tension strength. It should be more than 45 kn.

    These ball clevises are fully protected from the elements of weather such as high humidity, water, and even extreme temperature. They are hot dip galvanized hence cannot corrode easily when they come in contact with various elements.

    In terms of size, our ball clevis come in different sizes and each one of them is measured to precision. This means that you can choose the ball clevis that will work well on your powerline cable.

    The ball clevises are up to the international standard. We follow all the necessary measures and standards to ensure that these clevises are competitive in the global arena. We do not use any prohibited or pollutant substances in our ball clevis.

    In case you are planning to buy ball clevis in China, get it from Powertelcom. We are a  reliable ball clevis manufacturer in China and we will strive to meet your demands.