Cable accessories

  • Heat Shrinkable Cable
  • Loadbreak Elbow Connector

    Loadbreak Elbow Connector

    Loadbreak Elbow Connector is fully insulated, fully sealed connector, is widely used in outdoor power distribution transformer, American cabinet type

    transformer, ring main unit and cable branch box, buried transformers and other electrical equipments. It can be installed on outgoing line of 200AT type connector, 200A busbar, single-pass(Double type) apparatus bushing and load conversion connector of American cabinet type transformer.

    Test points can be installed live monitor, in order to check the charged state of the equipment, but also to meet the nuclear phase requirements.

    Conductive rod connector arc extinguishing material, it can be charged in the state operation, but can not cut off the short-circuit current; can be used as the load switch to open the current 200A.

    Applicable for XLPE cable cross-section 25mm2-400mm2






  • Euromold Screened Separable Connectors

    Euromold Screened Separable Connectors

    Euromold Screened Separable Elbow Connector designed for MV termination of polymeric insulated (XLPE and EPR) medium voltage 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 17.5kV, 22kV cables to equipment bushings including transformers, switchgear, motors. Can also be used to connect cable to cable, using the appropriate mating part.

  • Resin Cable Joints

    Resin Cable Joints

    These in-line Resin Cable Joints are for underground, above ground or underwater cable jointing applications. SENTUO cable joints suitable for straight jointing armoured polymeric cables, stranded copper conductors, with crimped connectors. Cable joints feature injection mould, torpedo shells with snap-lock design.. The tunnel construction environment and the cable installation is complicated require the specialized product. Optimum Design of the installation and the cable joints of the product makes it more easier to install and operate. This is suitable for the main line of less than 30mm, branch line less than 25mm.

  • Cold Shrinkable Cable Termination Kit

    Cold Shrinkable Cable Termination Kit

    Product introduction

    The cold shrink termination has excellent cold and heat performance, especially suitable for high altitude and cold areas, wet areas, salt spray areas and in heavily contaminated areas.

    ▪ Integrated molding:Integral casting,no gaps,high-safety electric cable

    ▪ Good water-resistant: Three layer waterproof technology for terminal head, Ensure excellent sealing and moistureproof performance with fingertip, Insulating tube and a sealed off pipe

    ▪ Shrink and compact : Liquid silica gel is used as raw material, shrinkage is higher than that of solid raw materials

    ▪ The support bar can be pulled smoothly: High flexibility, easy to draw and not easy to break

  • 8.7/15KV Heat Shrinkable Cable Termination Kit

    8.7/15KV Heat Shrinkable Cable Termination Kit

    Heat shrinkable cable accessories is widely used in Continuous insulation treatment under the voltage of 6-35kv in Cross linked cable termination

    and intermediate junction. It’s  in the feature of small size、light weight、reliable operation and easy  installation. it can be designed in multi-core table

    or Double bottom line structure which depend on the customer.