Tension clamp,Suspension clamp

  • Aluminum tension clamp

    Aluminum tension clamp

    For optical fiber cables type ADSS, Automatic conical tightening. Opening bail easy to be installed.
    All the parts secured together.

  • Plastic tension clamp

    Plastic tension clamp


    Anchoring clamps(Anchor dead-end clamp) for ADSS cables ACADSS round fibre optic cables installed on short spans (100 m max) are made of one opened conical fibre glass reinforced body, a pair of plastic wedges and a flexible bail, fire-resistant plastic and fire-resistant spray coating used to support and secure thinner liners. The ACADSS series is composed of different models of clamps offering a wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance. This flexibility enables us to propose optimized and tailor made clamp designs depending on the ADSS cable constructions.

  • Suspension Clamp

    Suspension Clamp

    A suspension clamp is designed to give the conductors both physical and mechanical support. This is important especially when you have installed the conductors for the power transmission line and even telephone lines.

    Suspension clamps enhance the stability of the conductor by limiting their movements especially against a strong wind, storm, and other vagaries of nature.

    Made of galvanized steel, suspension clamps have adequate tensional strength to support the weight of conductors onto the perfect positions. The material is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion hence can serve its primary purpose for a long time.

    Suspension clamps feature a clever ergonomic design that ensures that the weight of the conductor is evenly distributed on the clamp’s body. This design also provides perfect angles of connection for the conductor. In some cases, counterweights are added to prevent the conductor’s uplift.

    Other fittings such as nuts and bolts are used along with the suspension clamps to enhance the connection with the conductors.

    You may also request a custom design of a suspension clamp to suit your application area. This is vital since some suspension clamps are designed for single cables while others are for bundle conductors.

  • Aluminum tension clamp

    Aluminum tension clamp

    The tension clamp are used to anchor and tighten LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger. These clamps are easy to install without tools and suiatble for various climatic conditions.

  • Strain clamp

    Strain clamp

    Material: steel/alloy

    Size: All

    Coating: Galvanized

    Purpose: Power distribution equipment

  • PAL Aluminum tension clamp anchor clamp

    PAL Aluminum tension clamp anchor clamp


    >The body is made of aluminum alloy

    >The cleats are made of UV resistant synthetic material. They are captive.

    >The stainless steel flexible linking cable is captive.It is equipped with a resistant,insulated and movable saddle.

    >Fixing the insulated neutral messenger is ensured by cleats without damaging the insulation.

  • NLL Bolted type strain clamp

    NLL Bolted type strain clamp

    Tension Clamp

    Tension clamp is one type of single tension hardware that used for completing the tensional connection on a conductor or cable, and it provides mechanical support to the insulator and conductor. It is usually used with fitting like clevis and socket eye on the overhead transmission lines or distribution lines.

    Bolted type tension clamp is also called dead end strain clamp or quadrant strain clamp.

    Depending on the material, it can be divided into two series: NLL series tension clamp is made of aluminum alloy, while the NLD series is made of malleable iron.

    NLL tension clamp can be classified by the conductor diameter, there are NLL-1, NLL-2, NLL-3, NLL-4, NLL-5 (the same for the NLD series).



  • NES-B1  Tension clamp

    NES-B1 Tension clamp

    The fixture consists of a main body, a wedge and a removable and adjustable lifting ring or pad.

    The single-core anchor clip is designed to support the pneumatic messenger and the wedge can be automatically adjusted.Wire or street lamp wire clip along the lead.Automatic opening features an integrated spring facility to facilitate the insertion of wires into the fixture.


    The clamps are made of weather-resistant and uV-resistant polymers or aluminum alloy bodies with polymer wedge cores.

    Adjustable connecting rod made of hot-dipped galvanized steel (FA) or stainless steel (SS).

  • NXJ Aluminum Tension Clamp

    NXJ Aluminum Tension Clamp

    NXJ series is suitable for strain clamp insulation string of 20kV aerial insulation aluminum core wire JKLYJ terminal or two ends fixing and tighten aerial insulation.

  • Aluminum suspension clamp

    Aluminum suspension clamp

    Suspension clamp is mainly used for overhead power lines. The conductor and lightning conductor are suspended on the insulator string or the lightning conductor is suspended on the pole tower through the connection of metal fittings.It is made of  High-strength aluminum alloy