Parallel groove clamp

  • Parallel Groove Clamp

    Parallel Groove Clamp

    Energy-saving torque clamp is the non-load-bearing connection fittings,mainly used in transmission lines, distribution lines and substation line system, splicing and play a lead role in jumpers.

    Applicable to aluminium wire,copper wire,overhead insulated wire, ACSR wire,etc., but also for copper wire pair copper wire, aluminum wire to aluminum wire, copper wire to aluminum conductors such transition.

  • JBL Copper Parallel groove clamp

    JBL Copper Parallel groove clamp

    Parallel -Groove clamp combined channel connector is applicable to weight disburdening connection of overhead aluminium wire and splicing steel wire. BTL series copper transitional combined channel connecter is applicable to the transitional connection of copper applicable to branching connection of different-section

  • H type cable connector

    H type cable connector

    Wedge type clamp is suitable for unsupported continuation or branching of overhead insulation aluminium strand wires or steel-core aluminium strand wire, insulation cover and clamp are used together. For insulation protection.


  • APG Aluminum Parallel groove clamp

    APG Aluminum Parallel groove clamp

    There are several instances where you are compelled to install conductors parallel to each other. One of them is when you want to install a second conductor in a closed loop.  Such applications require you to buy a parallel grove clamp.

    A parallel groove clamp comprises two components, the upper part, and the lower side. They are drawn together to exert the clamping force on the transmission line. This can be a power line or a telecommunication cable.

    The groove clamps are made of heavy-duty aluminum which is strong and resistant to various forms of chemical and physical damage. The aluminum metal also provides takes the excessive clamping force that is required when clamping parallel conductors. It also provides resistance to UV-rays.

    The parallel groove conductors feature a ‘precise fit’ design. This allows it to be clamped accurately and offer the desired support.  The design also allows the clamp to support different conductor sizes. The parallel groove provides a platform onto which the conductor will rest.

  • CAPG Bimetal Parallel groove clamp

    CAPG Bimetal Parallel groove clamp

    The groove connector is used for bearingless connection and offset of aluminum stranded wire and aluminum stranded wire. It is used with insulation cover to protect and insulate the wire

    Parallel groove clamps are mainly used for transmitting current between the interconnected conductors. Besides this main area of application parallel groove clamps are also used for safety loops and therefore they must provide an adequate mechanical holding strength.

    If conductors made of different materials are to be connected this can be done by using bimetal aluminium copper PG clamp. In bimetal PG clamps, the two bodies are made out of high strength aluminium alloy, and to tight a copper conductor, one groove is made with aluminium alloy and welded by hot forged bimetallic sheet . The bolts are made out of hard steel (8.8).