Medium-high voltage electrical system

  • Lightning protection punctures pin insulators

    Lightning protection punctures pin insulators

    Under normal conditions, lightning discharge gap insulator does not move; only exceeds the lightning overvoltage occurs, the ground electrode arc gap fork can break down to form a short-circuit channel. The arc fork successive frequency arc burning it online clip on, release over voltage energy to protect the wire from burns.

    The main feature of 10KV lightning protection punctures pin insulators:
    Trough punctures needle electrode teeth using a MiG-shaped layout, easier to puncture the wire insulation, and reduces damage to the wire.
    Having a high mechanical strength, reliable electrical contact.
    Arc fork and the ground electrode can be easily replaced to install and easy to maintain.

    10KV lightning protection punctures pin insulators, unique arc fork closely linked through the upper end of the bolt and the insulator fittings.

  • Lightning Protection Composite Insulator

    Lightning Protection Composite Insulator

    Lightning protection composite insulator is a new type of combined structure of arc-proof insulator, which is mainly composed of insulating shroud, compression nut, briquetting block, moving briquetting block, upper metal cap, composite insulator, arc striking rod, insulating sleeve and The lower metal foot is composed of the same, and the arc striking rod and the upper metal cap are assembled and integrated into one body. When a lightning strike occurs, the arc striking rod and the lower metal leg are discharged, so that the freewheeling power frequency arc is moved to the arc striking rod to burn, thereby protecting Insulated wires are not damaged.

  • YH Composite Coated Zinc Oxide Arrester

    YH Composite Coated Zinc Oxide Arrester

    In the late 20th century, Composite coated zinc oxide arrester is kind of product that a new generation promoting to the market by United States,Japan and other countries. It is the most advanced compared to the regular one. Introduction of this techonology in 1980s, our countries has developed it and met the demands of IEC. Polymer organic composites is smaller, lighter, pollution resistant, explosion proof and shock proof compared to which  is made of glasses and porcelain.

  • composite polymer tension insulator

    composite polymer tension insulator

    Composite insulators are a special type of insulation control that can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.
    Composite insulators are also known as synthetic insulators, non-porcelain insulators, polymer insulators, rubber insulators, etc. The main structure is generally composed of a shed skirt, a FRP core rod and an end fitting. The shed skirt is generally made of organic synthetic materials, such as ethylene propylene rubber, high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, etc.; FRP mandrels are generally made of glass fiber as a reinforcing material, and a oxidizing resin as a base material; The end fittings are generally carbon steel or carbon structural steel coated with hot zinc-aluminum.