WanXie organizes the staff to complete the fire drill

Fire drill has always been the focus of our company. In order to improve employees' awareness of fire safety prevention and their ability to deal with fire emergencies, we have accumulated practical experience in collective evacuation, fire rescue, emergency organization and safety escape.Ensure the safety of the factory

On October 12, 2020, our company held a fire emergency drill.

Before the drill, the administrative center staff of our company explained and demonstrated fire escape, rescue evacuation, applicable methods of fire extinguisher, self-help guide, fire safety knowledge training and other contents for all employees.

The fire drill officially began at 16:45 p.m

Under the guidance of the administrative center staff of our company, the staff shall pull out the safety pin, hold the plate press handle with one hand, hold the nozzle with the other hand, place the extinguisher vertically, and spray the sprinkler head to the fire source to extinguish the fire.

The whole exercise took 30 minutes, and the process was tense and orderly.

Through this fire drill, all the staff can skillfully use the fire extinguisher, and improve the fire awareness and escape skills of all the staff, master the ability of rapid response in emergencies, the real fire safety implementation, achieved the expected purpose.

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Post time: Dec-01-2020